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Structure of the Syllabus

The content of the, “This is Our Faith” syllabus is subdivided into 8 sections called “Strands of Faith”.  Each ‘strand’ is present in each year and offers our young people  a comprehensive overview of the Catholic Christian Faith. Like all other subject areas, you will see the Outcomes & Experiences that describe the learning.  Religious Education invites the child to grow in knowledge,  understanding and faith and/or  appreciation of faith.   From P3 onwards the pupils are led gradually in an understanding of other world religions and Christian denominations, which will deepen and evolve as the child grows and matures.  In a Catholic School the opportunities provided in Religious Education will also permeate throughout the day. Such opportunities will promote genuine human growth not only for Catholic pupils, but for those of other Christian denominations, other faiths, or stances of living independent of religious belief.