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School Uniform

St Mary’s is a school uniform school and the wearing of the uniform helps our pupils to have a close identity with their school.  It is also plays an important part in discouraging bullying.  All pupils wear school uniform and this policy is supported by our parents. We offer a wide choice and most pupils will find something of their choice from within the range.

Uniform Stall

Some of the parents of St Mary’s run a uniform stall in the playground on a Friday.  All proceeds from this stall are used in school. School uniform is also available at Border Embroideries Online and a link to their website can be found below. School Badges and Ties may also be purchased at John Lewis. Log on via this website, click on Find School, and scroll down to find St Mary’s Primary School East London ST. or telephone 01361 810304 Every parent is asked to purchase at least one shirt and tie so that on special occasions we can ask children to wear formal uniform, which should be a shirt and tie.

Clothing Grants

Find out if you can get help towards schoolwear costs at the City of Edinburgh Council