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Second Level: P5-P7

In our middle and upper stages, pupils should be reading with increased confidence, fluency and understanding, orchestrating a range of independent strategies to self-monitor and correct their work across the curriculum. They are given opportunities to further develop powers of imagination, creativity and critical awareness. Pupils at this stage continue to be encouraged to be part of the planning process in relation to their learning to maintain an ethos of ‘personalisation and choice’.  They take increasing responsibility for their work as they become more independent in their learning. They understand the purpose of their learning and can have opportunities to lead learning. They know that their views are sought, valued and acted upon through the many ways they contribute to the life of the school; Pupil Councillors, Equalities Group, Spanish Reps, Digital Champions and Eco Reps. Digital technology opportunities are embedded across the curriculum at this stage with P7 pupils being allocated their own device.

Pupils in P5, P6 and P7 are usually involved in a school show whether it be singing in the chorus, helping with props, being stage hands or having a performance role. 

Bike-a-bility is delivered in P6 where children achieve Level 1 in basic skills and cycle safety. (Any parents who would like trained in order to deliver in school please get in touch with us). They also have sessions learning touch rugby with Murrayfield Wanderers.

Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils are invited to participate in the Pope Francis Faith award Scheme which starts in primary 6 and ends in primary 7 where they are recognised for how they have shown signs of love in their daily lives and been active members of their community. 

In P7 pupils are prepared to make the Sacrament of Confirmation and maintain close links with the Cathedral and Fr Jamie.

In P7 the transition to secondary begins! Staff from our feeder secondary, St Thomas of Aquin’s, visit our P7 classes to discuss the transition to secondary school and they also receive lessons in modern languages and sciences from secondary school staff.  Our oldest pupils are expected to be good role models and they apply for responsibilities across the school and are also ‘buddied’ up with P1 pupils – a responsibility they all really enjoy. They also attend a week’s residential ‘camp’ with a focus on team work, problem solving and learning about their environment to ensure they’re ready to face the next steps in moving on to secondary and facing new challenges.