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First Level: P2 to P4

As our learners progress through school, they will continue to be involved in active learning experiences which are engaging and give them more ownership of their own learning. Pupils will participate in a variety of discussions across the curriculum as a way of developing and extending their own thinking. They are developing skills in presenting information to their peers through project research and responsibilities within the school, showing an appreciation of how to engage others with their ideas through their choice of gesture, pace and language. Pupils will learn how to read several sight and high frequency words to enable them to read fluently and more accurately. Our learners will be exposed to a variety of punctuation marks and encouraged to read with expression. The introduction of the Accelerated Reading programme in P3 aims to foster independent reading and confidence. Our learners can progress at their own level and read books that are suited to their needs and interests. 

The children continue to build a deeper understanding of number through our SEAL (Stages of Arithmetical Learning) programme, growing increased confidence and awareness in their understanding of number facts and structures and the ability to explain the strategies they use. 

Our Primary 3 and 4 children begin their sacramental preparation and look forward to regular visits from Father Jamie as he supports the children through their sacramental journey. 

In Primary 3 our learners enjoy NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) singing lessons and the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele in Primary 4. 

Primary 4 pupils attend Broughton Swimming pool for swimming lessons.

As our pupils move through their St Mary’s journey, we ensure that they are helped to achieve their full potential by instilling confidence, resilience and preparing them with the skills for life-long learning.